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Mullex | ZK BOXX

Müllex product line



The ZK BOXX waste system is fitted into an existing drawer element of kitchen cabinet. Add an insert tray for increased stability of the system when opening and closing the drawer.

BOXX trash can

With the hinged bag fixture flaps for optimal filling and replacement of the bin bags stuffed to the max.

Müllex insert tray

Increases the stability and keep the bin in place when opening and closing the drawer.

BOXX drawer

Can be pulled out and is suitable for stowing bin bag rolls, rags or cleaning utensils.

Additional containers

To collect organic waste, coffee capsules or batteries and for the storage of sponges, cleaning rags or dishwashing tabs.

Keeps the
containers in place


The insert tray and the special indentation keep the containers fixed in place so that they can’t slip or move.

Made to measure
your drawer


We offer tailor-made insert trays for kitchens by the makers Grass, Blum and Hettich.

Easy to clean


As the insert tray covers the entire drawer, the surface is protected from dirt. The tray is easy to remove and clean.

Additional storage


The BOXX waste systems offer more space than just the pull-out lid. You will find more space for cleaning detergents at the back and to the side of the waste bin.

Product configurator

Easily find the perfect waste separation
system with our online configurator.

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