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Mullex | Bag tensioning system

Bag tensioning system

We developed the special bag fixture flaps for the BOXX line of products. The patented system ensures an easy fixing and exchanging of bin bags in the kitchen.

Exchanging the bag
made easy


Simply pull out the full bin bag!

The hinged bag tensioning flaps will automatically open once the bag is lifted, ensuring
that changing the bag is as clean and easy as can be.

An intuitive system
to fix the bag


The hinged bag tensioning flaps are easily accessible. Nearly square-shaped, the system enables an intuitive folding around the fixture. For this purpose, simply remove the covering frame.

Made for all size bags

The hinged bag tensioning flaps are fitted with ten grasping hooks. Thanks to the different size gaps between the hooks, bags in different sizes can fit. Apart from the 35-litre bin bag, you can also fit several smaller ones, such as two 17-litre bags for instance.

*additional bag sizes possible

Holds heavy bags


Thanks to the crown-shaped grasping hooks of the BOXX bag tensioning system, the bag will not budge. Even full and heavy bags will not slip from the fixture when filled to the max.

Product configurator

Easily find the perfect waste separation
system with our online configurator.

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