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Clever waste separation systems
for the kitchen

Everyone produces waste,
we separate it.

Discover the world of Müllex

Easily find the right waste separation system. Organic matter? Glass?

Cans? Plastic? We offer the appropriate bins as well as additional containers and storage space for a dustpan and brush set,

the rag, sponge, dishwasher tabs and cleaning detergents.

Product configurator

Easily find the perfect waste separation
system with our online configurator.

A money-saving system


The perfectly developed shape of the Müllex BOXX container ensures you can fill your bin bags to the max. The hinged bag tensioning flaps make it easy to remove the filled bag.

A money-saving system

The perfectly developed shape of the Müllex BOXX container ensures you can fill your bin bags to the max. The hinged bag tensioning flaps make it easy to remove the filled bag.

Easily line your waste bin


Thanks to the specially developed bag tensioning system, the bins cater to different sized bin bags which can easily be fixed into place.

30% increase in storage space space


Müllex as your one-stop go in the kitchen. Stow all of your daily cleaning supplies in the same place. The Müllex waste system offers enough space.

30% increase in storage space space

Müllex as your one-stop go in the kitchen. Stow all of your daily cleaning supplies in the same place. The Müllex waste system offers enough space.

Müllex - suitable for your kitchen too


Easy installation


Unpack, mark, screw down – done.

View the installation videos.

Pull-out drawer


The adjustable rear panel can be adapted to the depth required for the sink drainage.

The storage compartment lid can be pulled out and provides space for various utensils.

The drawer can be pulled out completely and removed for cleaning.

Müllex pull-out waste

collecting system

The robust rail system of the BOXX-R product line with integrated soft-closing function closes smoothly and quietly.

System for standardised pull-out drawers

The ZK BOXX product line with insert tray for ideal support of bins in commercially available pull-out drawer systems (Blum, Grass, Hettich).

Trusting in Müllex

All Müllex waste systems are manufactured in Switzerland.

We believe in the quality of our Swiss made products and offer a five instead of a simple two year warranty on our durable products. Spare parts are available for ten years upon purchase of our one waste systems.

Furthermore, Müllex offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer recommendations

Paul Kreis

Purchasing/calculation at Kreis AG, Zihlschlacht

“Being responsible for purchasing and costing, I am particularly interested in a timely delivery. Müllex offers competent and dedicated customer service. The goods have always arrived on time and in perfect condition. Müllex is very reliable!”

Michael Wüthrich

Managing Director at Wüthrich AG, Wichtrach

“We’ve been relying on Müllex for 36 years! The products are of very high quality and are easily and quickly mounted. For us as kitchen designers, quick and easy installation is really important.

Sara Fässler – Pavano

End consumer, Schleinikon

“The Müllex waste system is great! It offers plenty of space; I can store my cleaning supplies and dishwasher tabs in one convenient place. Müllex is the perfect solution for any home.”

Müllex waste separation systems

Waste separation starts with your Müllex waste system

Whether food, glass, tin cans or plastic, everyone produces waste in daily life. To recycle this waste, different bins or containers are needed. The solution by Müllex enables a clean sorting of different materials in one central location directly in your kitchen. Several containers help to sort the waste from the start and to recycle it separately. This way, everyone can pitch in for a cleaner environment.

What kind of waste systems are there?

If your kitchen cabinet already has a regular built-in drawer, our waste disposal systems can be inserted in the drawer with an insert tray. The insert tray ensures the necessary stability of the containers when opening and closing the drawer.

Should you be planning to renovate your kitchen or the cabinet element in question does not yet feature a pull-out system, Müllex offers systems including the pull-out extension for the drawer. Once the Müllex pull-out element is mounted in the cabinet, the waste separation system is inserted in the new pull-out.

Müllex offers matching systems for cabinets with swinging doors. By opening the door, the waste bin either swings forward or it is tilted.

Should you be dissatisfied with the hinged door principle and prefer a pull-out solution for the separation of your waste, you could consider the style mentioned above with the Müllex pull-out element. Simply remove the hinges of the door and mount the Müllex pull-out system to the inside of the cabinet door.

The free-standing waste systems can be used in various locations, such as the basement, in a workshop, in the front yard or an office.

Which waste system fits into my kitchen cabinet?

The size of the kitchen cabinet which will contain the system is crucial. The standard width of the base unit or cabinet width is needed, the inside depth of the cabinet, the possible installation height as well as possible installation depth.

The usual cabinet widths are 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 550 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm. The cabinet width of 550 mm is considered the Swiss standard. The depth of the sink and the sanitary installations limit the available space for the waste system in the cabinet. The available space for installation determines the possible height and width of the waste system.

How long does the installation of a Müllex waste system take?

Our waste systems are mounted in no time. You can find the installation time of each system in the e-shop. The specified installation time is just a guide though, and may vary from person to person. Depending on the product, our waste disposal systems are installed in 25 to 50 minutes.

Which bin bags fit my trash can?

Our bins are designed for the standardised Swiss 35-litre and 17-litre bin bags. Thanks to the clever bag fixture flaps, the product line BOXX can accommodate other sizes as well.

Odourless disposal of waste

Food waste can develop an unpleasant odour over time. To counter the smell of household waste, the market offers various solutions with activated carbon filters, air fresheners and other attempts to reduce the smell in the kitchen.

Our experience has shown, that the use of activated carbon filters works in the short term, but is an expensive affair in the long run. For the activated carbon filters to keep the smell away, they need to be replaced every few weeks.

Where can I find product documentation for download?

You can find the most important documents and files on our website. Each product detail page links to the respective forms.
Assembly instructions, drilling data, data sheets, spare parts lists and dimensional sketches can be downloaded. We offer an assembly video for each of our systems. The download centre provides a comprehensive collection of all available media including catalogues, brochures, pictures, and Müllex logos.

Our customer service is there for you

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us. We are happy to assist you in purchasing a waste system and are happy to inform you about the benefits of our products even before you buy. Trust in our vast experience in the area of waste separation. For many years, Müllex has been the system of choice for construction companies and kitchen designers. We test and use or products on a private basis as well, as we believe in their superior quality.

Clean recycling and waste management just got a lot easier. Should you have any questions about our offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service via email, video chat, phone or WhatsApp.

How does waste disposal work with a waste separation system?

The delight of a neat and tidy kitchen! However, whenever cooking, there will always be waste to be disposed of. To ensure that your work surfaces are kept clean, the kitchen should be equipped with a waste separation system. Separate the compostable matter from the used coffee capsules and any other trash. Detergent, soap, cleaning liquid, a dustpan and broom, and other cleaning equipment can be stowed in the additional space offered in the drawer or the additional storage space available in the lid. Müllex offers the perfect solution for any of your waste requirements.

How can I find the right waste system?

Our website offers a simple concept: quickly and effortlessly find the right system for your kitchen combining a trash can, a compost bin, an additional container as well as a pull-out or permanently mounted storage compartment.

The complex range of separation systems for the kitchen presents the buyer with a difficult decision. With the help of our product configurator, the right waste system can be found in just a few steps. Our configurator accompanies you through each step of the purchase process. Thanks to the instructions on how to measure your kitchen cabinet, you will easily find the waste separation system that’s the right size for your needs.

How is the waste system installed correctly?

Thanks to the instructions delivered with the system, mounting and installation should be a piece of cake for all the handy Andies among you. The assembly process is described in an easy and under-standable manner. Our videos offer additional support for the installation of the waste systems. All videos can be found in the e-shop, in the download area or on our YouTube channel. These videos offer step-by-step instructions which are easy to understand and follow.

Installation by a professional

Should you wish to have a professional assemble the system, feel free to send an assembly request to a Müllex partner in your area before purchasing a waste system. The purchase of the waste sys-tem, as well as the installation, is then coordinated directly with the carpenter or kitchen designer. Upon submitting your request, you will be contacted directly, and the waste system will be installed for you.

Getting rid of organic waste correctly

Collecting organic waste is easy if the following recommendations are observed:

Insert your compost bucket correctly. When prepping fruit and veggies, the compost bucket can easily be removed from the frame and used as a collection container directly on the kitchen table or your work surface.

Compost waste is wet waste. To catch all of the moisture always put two to three layers of paper towels on the bottom of the empty bucket before you start collecting waste. This will prevent the buildup of dirt and facilitate the cleaning of the container.

Organic waste is an active waste. Without air, the waste in your container will soon begin to smell. For this reason, you need to empty the compost bin on your compost heap or in the green waste collection area. Leave the container open, so that the compostable matter can “breathe.” Only close the lid when transporting the bucket to the composting area.

Organic waste can also be collected in suitable biodegradable bags. Don’t use plastic bags to keep the bucket clean, as plastic isn’t biodegradable. It must be tediously removed from the organic material by hand. Wash your organic waste bucket by hand after use or run it through the dishwasher.

The following things are not suitable for composting: wood ash from treated wood, dog waste, kitty litter, hoover content, diapers, cheese and cheese rind, bones.

How do I find the right spare part?

You can order the required spare parts directly online. Find the correct spare part for every Müllex product in the spare parts online shop. Search for the needed part using the article number or use the supported spare parts search. Upon identifying your current waste disposal system, you can select and order the needed part.

Your advantages with Müllex

Trust Müllex and benefit from various advantages making the purchase of our waste systems even more attractive. Upon purchase of a Müllex waste separation system, instead of the mere standard two-year warranty, we offer a full five-year warranty. Spare parts are also available. The availability of spare parts is guaranteed for up to ten years, should you want to replace anything or should one of the parts go missing.

The quality of our products is reflected in the long product life. Our waste separation systems are very sturdy and last for the lifetime of a kitchen. Müllex produces exclusively in Switzerland. Living up to the label “Made in Switzerland“ fills us with great pride.

The solid network of logistics partners and a high level of availability ensure fast delivery of the products. You can check the delivery in peace at home. Should you, for any reason, be dissatisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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