Good reasons

to recommend Müllex X-LINE


The flexible product line
for existing pull-out drawers

In the new product line X-LINE Müllex brings 39 years of experience to the development of waste separation systems using modern materials. People’s waste and recycling behaviour has changed significantly over the years. Today, users call for well-designed systems that can make their daily lives more manageable. The X-LINE combines practical advantages with space-saving designs into waste separation systems that are easy to install and remove. It is also designed to make cleaning as straightforward as possible. As a result, the storage space is fully used, and the system seamlessly coordinates different widths, heights and depths of kitchen installations.


Increased volume thanks to the
7 compartments for waste separation

For the first time, Müllex presents a solution specially designed to optimise the space in 60cm cabinets. The user is provided with seven containers for separating waste and for storage. The “container within a container” system makes it easy to access every container from above, even when the drawer has high sides.

New bag fastening system

With the four spring-loaded clamps waste bags are far easier to be fitted in the bin. With the space-saving position
of the bag clamps in the corners and the sophisticated container form, the waste bag removal system is unbeatable.
Thanks to the new removable clamping fingers, it could not be easier to fasten 35 and 17-litre bags.
Component-5 3

Fill your bin bags up completely

You can choose different container combinations and sizes of bin bags depending on the size of your household and the amount of waste produced.
The X-LINE models take all these considerations into account. Whether they are 17 or 35-litre bags, all standard Swiss bin bags can be used without any problem.

Component-5 3

Greater organisation and comfort

The new integrated ball-bearing runners allow the drawer to glide in and out smoothly. Thanks to its adjustable back, the drawer can be fitted in any kitchen cabinet. The two dishwasher-safe insert trays can be used to store dishcloths, brushes and sponges. If you have limited space, the rotating plug-in system at the back leaves more room for pipes.



Easy bag
fastening system

for all drawers

Up to 7 containers

Bin bags
filled to the max

31% more storage space
with our solution for 60 cm cabinets

Premium drawer

Mister Müllex
in record time

Thanks to the X-LINE ratchet system and the drawer that comes with four screws, you can assemble the systems in no time. The “problem-free” pack for kitchen technicians. We have assembled our X60 L5 Premium System countless times and are continuously improving it. Our best man, Roland Meier, known as Mister Müllex by his peers, assembled the whole system in only 3:06 seconds!

Ratsche Auszug Maße

Fits in all
standard drawers

The new ratchet system for positioning the containers is extremely simple to use. With its adjustable depth, it can be fitted quickly and without the need for tools in any standard 450-900 mm wide and 400-500 mm deep drawer.

Ratsche Auszug Maße


Find a Müllex sales and installation partner in your area quickly and easily.


Find a Müllex sales and installation partner in your area quickly and easily.

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